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    At QCT College, we are a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals. Our main motto is to “Bridge the Talent Gap”. We work hard with full faith and belief to ensure that all our students are successful. Each one of the members, work with full faith and passion to make the vision of QCT College to become a success. All our staff members possess strong professional background & industry experience.


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    QCT College provides Online Diploma Courses in Canada, with fully online diploma programs in more than 7. As a leader in online education, we’re at the forefront of online learning, offering the industry’s most cutting edge online classes.

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    Digital Marketing

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    Medical Office Assistant

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    Community Development

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    Accounting & Payroll

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    Diploma in Cyber Security

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    Business Analysis & Data Science

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    Legal Administration

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Most frequent questions and answers

    The main goal of studying in a Private Career College is to specialize in a very specific area of education which is of high demand in the job market. Private Career Colleges focus on training the candidate by providing them with quality education ensuring that the Candidate is really the right fit as per the Industry Demand. Hence, the idea of studying in a Private Career College is always a great decision that you need to pursue.
    If you are a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident and have low income, the Government of Alberta will provide you with the necessary financial support required to successfully complete your program. You need to contact the financial aid office and discuss with the officer in regards to the options available for you.
    The main goal of the vocational education is to provide the student the necessary knowledge, skill sets and practicum that qualifies him for jobs that are of high demand in the market. With the help of the vocational education, the candidate will possess the necessary knowledge, education, skills and background that fit for the requirements of the position. Vocational Education always bridges the talent gap between the employer and the potential candidate. Hence, it is very important to consider the idea of pursuing a career in vocational education.
    If you participate fully in all the components of the program – take practicum very seriously and work hard; you will have a good chance of getting a quality job upon graduation. Attend all the classes; participate in all the assignments and homework regularly; work on all the exercises – these factors play a huge role that can increase the opportunity of getting a good job after college.
    A Private Vocational School focuses on providing specialized education and training for the students who are looking to achieve the necessary skills and education required for the requirements of the specific job opportunities. At QCT College, we support in providing quality vocational training education.

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