Medical Office Assistant Diploma

Enhance your career today working as a Medical professional.

Program Overview

Build your career today gaining sound knowledge & skills working in a Medical Office environment. Gain solid understanding of the different medical administration techniques by working in different medical care environments. Students are required to successfully complete the 4 week practicum upon successful completion of the program. This program is very intensive and you will gain a solid foundation on the different medical concepts and terminology paving the pathway towards becoming a fully licensed medical professional.

Who should take this program?

You should take this program if you:

  • Are looking to enhance your career in the medicine.
  • Like working with other people, professionals and associates.
  • Like to work in a good office environment.
  • Possess good communication & interpersonal skills.
  • Work in a team-based environment.

Why you should take the program

You should take this program if you are looking to build your career in a professional environment. Medical Administrative professionals have a standard and stable career. This industry is recession-proof and you always have a good job working standard hours. There are ample opportunities to grow your future in this field. You build a close association with doctors, nurses as well as patients. With this career, you can gain strong foundation on the different medical terminologies and also it will help you gain practical insights if you plan further studies in the field of medicine.

Career Opportunities


Program Detail


Course Contents

Introduces students to common office procedures, such as human relations; organization structure and office layout; office technology; front-line reception; aspects of business communication specific to the office professional and record keeping are covered.
Elements include the ability to create and manipulate Word, Excel, or PowerPoint applications, modify the display of toolbars and other on-screen elements, use online help, and perform file management, editing, common to most Windows applications.
Improves touch typing skills on a keyboard with a focus on improving speed and accuracy. This course increases job efficiency and and understanding of work station ergonomics.
Explores the essential skills for basic business writing and professional interaction. This course also emphasizes the role technology plays in the workplace to enhance communication.
Provides students with understanding of variety of procedures and practical experiences in a clinical setting.
Explores a variety of procedures and practical experiences in a clinical setting.
Introduces students to the medical code of ethics and the law that directs the medical community in everyday practices.
Reviews the basic administrative and clinical responsibilities in a medical office. The lessons cover reception, booking appointments, office correspondence, basic office accounting and sterilization and infection control procedures.
Provides students with basic knowledge of the process of creating an accurate written document, from verbal recordings.
Introduces students to billing and coding in medical facilities.
Reviews human resource functions that assist an organization deliver value through proper management of the employee life cycle.
Develops strategies for successful job searching, interviewing and career management.

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