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    Community Development Diploma

    Understand the different issues related to the community. Develop a strong understanding of the different components, processes & issues that represent the overall community well-being & the different ways you can resolve the different community related issues as well as the best practices.

    Program Overview

    This course provides a comprehensive knowledge of the different cultural & traditional aspects related to the community development. Understand the different social issues impacting both the urban & rural communities, as well as the impact of the religion & socio-economic differences. This program provides a clear understanding of the overall community development factors that impact the current economy.

    Who should take this program?

    You should take this program if you:

    • Have good interpersonal skills.
    • Like to help the community & people.
    • Understand the different social issues & economic factors that impact.
    • Support the different community, understand the different moral values.

    Why you should take the program

    This program provides you a solid understanding of the different economic, social and community related activities that impact the current economy. You will learn & apply lots of different interesting topics related to the community development such as cultural practices & knowledge systems, gender responsibilities, Urban & Rural community development and many others. With this program, you will build a strong base of all the community related aspects that will yield a strong foundation for your growth and development.

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    Program Detail


    Course Contents

    This course will help with the understanding of the basic fundamentals of Microsoft Office. Some of the core topics that are covered include – MS Word, MS Excel & MS PowerPoint.
    This course is designed to introduce the student to the basic theories, principles, concepts, techniques, processes and issues involved in community development.
    Understand the best ways to implement to employ cultural practices & knowledge systems in promoting community development.
    Understand the impact of gender responsibilities in Community Development. Different roles assigned based on age, gender and strength of individuals within the community.
    Understand the settings of the Urban & Rural community development and how the difference of the two communities present opportunities for them to grow together.
    Learn the impact of NGO for the Community Development. Some of the topics discussed include: Economic empowerment, Poverty, Alleviation, Water & Sanitation.
    Understand about the different religious practices all over the world and with the freedom of worship; people within a community choose the religion that suits them. Some communities have different religious beliefs as well as socio-economic status.
    This course covers two main concepts: Life Skills Mentoring; Communication Strategies & Professional Practice. The students are provided the complete training on the fundamentals of Community Worker Training Procedures.
    This course teaches about two important topics:
    Group Facilitation & Client Interviewing Techniques.
    The core focus is to enable & understand the principles of group counselling & stages of group work development.
    Students are introduced to various methods of documenting classified client information and the requirements for various entries within the limits of legal and ethical requirements.
    This program consists of a 4-week practicum placement. Students will gain practical and hands-on experience to apply the knowledge and skills they’ve attained with handling different cases of addiction, mental health issues and trauma from their in-class training.

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