Cyber Security (IT) Diploma

Will help you gain advanced technology based knowledge regarding cyber security and its aspects like Information Systems, Cloud Computing, Cyber Forensics, and other related topics.

Program Overview

The Cyber Security program will help students gain advanced technology based knowledge in the field of Information Systems, Cloud computing, Cyber Forensics, and other related topics. Emphasis will be placed on learning how to keep networks safe from cyber attacks. This course will also cover the fundamentals of eCommerce. You will also learn about the different cyber attacks and the associated defense strategies.

Who should take this program?

This program might be right for you if you:

  • Want to specialize in cyber security regardless of educational background.
  • Are a recent graduate in IT, Software Engineering, Computer Science. etc.
  • Are seeking to focus their IT careers.
  • Are managers, administrators, etc. who are seeking to master new information security responsibilities.

Why you should take the program

In today’s world cyber security degrees are more in demand than ever. Living in the digital age means hackers and cyberterrorists have endless opportunities to exploit individuals, government institutions and large companies. So, to defend against cyber attacks and security breaches, top organizations are willing to pay for a Cyber Analysts to remove vulnerabilities and protect their data and sites.

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Program Detail


Course Contents

Learn the fundamentals of security. Will provide both technical and social aspects of IT security.
Will teach the connections of eBusiness and the different security systems that need to be implemented depending on the business requirements.
Will gain info about the real world network security issues in order to build a secure network.
Will prepare you for communication tasks and considerations you will encounter in the workplace.
Will teach the components of communication networks.
Cryptography and its various perspectives including secrecy, authentication, integrity, and non-repudiation.
Will give practical knowledge and skills for computer forensics and investigation.
This course will teach you the fundamentals of security management.
An overview of the website services architecture and the challenges of providing security to them.
You’ll learn about anomalous traffic detection, finding existing vulnerabilities and discovering intrusions in the network.
This course will teach you the guiding security design principles, design patterns, applied technologies, and industry standards to secure cloud architecture.
You will learn about the complete process associated to penetration testing. this includes planning, reconnaissance, scanning, exploitation, post-exploitation, and results reporting.
In this course you will learn about the ethical hacking issues in greater detail.
Will teach approaches to secure wireless networks & the different security issues that are related to the Mobile Network Domain.

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