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    Business Analysis and Data Science Diploma

    Business Analysis & Data Science is one of the pioneer programs of today’s Industry. Build your career today & get access to thousands of different job opportunities available in today’s job market.

    Program Overview

    This program provides you a solid foundation in different areas of today’s business. Core Areas Include: Business Analysis, Digital Analytics, Digital Marketing & Data Science. This program is a comprehensive blend of different topics that will build a solid foundation for the candidate. This 2 year diploma program grooms you well in becoming a valuable resource for all organizations.

    Who should take this program?

    You should take this program if you:

    • Have good interpersonal & organizational skills.
    • Great problem solver.
    • Work with different teams and develop solid work flow.
    • Enjoy working with Data.
    • Like communicating with different business stakeholders & provide solutions.

    Why you should take the program

    In the modern industry , there are two huge challenges – Information Management & Data Analysis. This has created a huge demand in the number of job opportunities in this field. Business Analysis & Data Science program offers a complete solution to this demand. A candidate who specializes his career in this field will easily secure good job opportunities. The market research and demand statistics says that there is a positive projection in this industry. There are numerous job opportunities available for candidates who specialize in this area. Whether you are looking to secure a respectable full-time position, or start your own business- this program is right for you.

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