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Business Analysis and

Data Science Diploma

Business Analysis & Data Science is one of the pioneer programs of today’s Industry. Build your career today & get access to thousands of different job opportunities available in today’s job market.

Business Analysis and Data Science

Program Overview

This program provides you a solid foundation in different areas of today’s business. Core Areas Include: Business Analysis, Digital Analytics, Digital Marketing & Data Science. This program is a comprehensive blend of different topics that will build a solid foundation for the candidate. This 2 year diploma program grooms you well in becoming a valuable resource for all organizations.

Program Detail

Career Opportunities

Why you should take the program

In the modern industry , there are two huge challenges – Information Management & Data Analysis. This has created a huge demand in the number of job opportunities in this field. Business Analysis & Data Science program offers a complete solution to this demand. A candidate who specializes his career in this field will easily secure good job opportunities. The market research and demand statistics says that there is a positive projection in this industry. There are numerous job opportunities available for candidates who specialize in this area. Whether you are looking to secure a respectable full-time position, or start your own business- this program is right for you.
Business Analysis and Data Science

Have good interpersonal & organizational skills

Business Analysis and Data Science

Great problem solver

Business Analysis and Data Science

Work with different teams and develop solid work flow

Business Analysis and Data Science

Enjoy working with Data

Business Analysis and Data Science

Like communicating with different business stakeholders & provide solutions