The Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process at QCT College in Calgary is tailored for individuals who have completed similar courses at recognized post-secondary institutions or have relevant job experience related to their desired program. To qualify, students must meet the minimum admission requirements for their chosen program.

The PLAR process acknowledges prior learning and experience, allowing students to receive up to 50% credit for both.

Detailed PLAR Process

International or Out-of-Province Learning and Experience

  1. Self-Assessment and Analysis

    • Conducted by QCT College faculty.
    • In addition to the college’s skills assessment, applicants must complete a self-assessment interview, listing course learning outcomes and rating their proficiency in each area.
    • Internationally trained candidates must submit evidence of their training that meets QCT College’s standards.
  2. Creation of an Individual Study Plan

    • Based on the self-assessment, QCT College identifies any knowledge or skill gaps and creates a tailored study/training plan for the candidate.
  3. Challenging the Course’s Written Exam

    • If the self-assessment shows thorough competency and knowledge, the student may challenge the course exam in a proctored environment at QCT College, requiring an 80% grade to pass.
  4. Self-Study/Online Study (or Site-Based Workshops)

    • If the student does not pass the challenge exam or requires additional training (as indicated by a score of 70-79% on the initial test or by the self-assessment), they will be provided with a self-study or online module for further training.

Detailed PLAR Process

Students who have completed post-secondary training or have work experience in Alberta can receive credit based on the following:

  • Transcripts and Course Outlines: Required for courses for which credit is applied.
  • Two Reference Letters: Needed from previous employers for applications based on work experience.

For a more detailed explanation of the PLAR process, please contact us today.

Important Note: Certain programs, such as HCA, have specific PLAR policies. These policies are available on the information pages of the respective programs.