Topics covered include: Cryptography, Network Forensics, Cyber Forensics, Communication IT, and other important topics. Graduates get excellent high paying opportunities in this high prospect industry

Cyber Security (IT) Diploma

The Digital Marketing Specialist Diploma covers various topics such as Website Design, SEO, Social Media Analytics and other related topics. You will not only be taught the theoretical concepts, but will gain a solid hands on expertise.

Digital Marketing Diploma

This program will provide you a complete foundation of the different accounting principles that are being applied in the current industry. Core topics covered include: Book-Keeping, Microsoft Applications, Payroll, Ledger and other important concepts.

Accounting & Payroll Diploma​

This MOA program is an intense field that prepares you for a solid medical career. MOA professionals work in different areas if the medical industries such as Walk-in Clinics, Hospitals, Medical Labs, Rehabilitation Clinics and more.

Medical Office Assistant Diploma

Core Topics: The Role of NGO in Community Development, Community Issues and Concerns, Gender Responsibilities, Urban and Rural Community Development and more.

Community Development Diploma

Some if the core competencies from the Legal Administration program will be: Family Law, Criminal Law and Refugee Law

Diploma in Legal Administration

Core Learning: Introduction to Business Analysis, Predictive Customer Analysis, Data Science Foundations and more.

Business Analysis