Legal Administration Diploma

Enhance your career in the field of Legal Administration & develop those skills that provide a rewarding future. Enroll in the Legal Administration program today!

Program Overview

The Diploma in Legal Administration provides a very enriching career in the field of law. You will be learning several concepts relating to law and also get an opportunity to work in a law firm. This career will provide you the core foundation of working with lawyers, defense attorneys, paralegals and many other top professionals.

Who should take this program?

You should take this program if you:

  1. Enjoying working with people in an office environment.
  2. Work in the company of top lawyers and attorneys.
  3. Like working in an office environment.
  4. Like engaging with different people and understand their problems.
  5. Offer complete support to legal administrators and attorneys.
Why you should take the program

This program will provide you the gateway to build your future in the field of law. You will qualify to work in a very exciting, rewarding and stimulating work environment. This program will change your life and build your credibility in the society. With the combination of the practicum experience, you will gain ample exposure of working in a good legal environment.

Topics You Cover

Administrative Office Procedures
Business Communications
Introduction to Law
Corporate Law
Introduction to Human Resources
Civil Litigation
Family Law
Immigration Law
Legal Transcription
Criminal Law
Legal Research & Writing Fundamentals
Real Estate Law
Wills & Estate Law
Electronic Document Processing Fundamentals
Intellectual Property Law Fundamentals
Immigrant & Refugee Law Fundamentals
Interpersonal Communications
Law Office Simulation
Legal Career Preparation & Resume Writing

Career Opportunities

  • Legal Assistant
  • Family Law Legal Assistant
  • Legal Administrative Assistant
  • Legal Secretary

Program Details

Campus: Calgary, AB

Duration: 80 weeks

Credential Type: Diploma

Practicum Included

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