The main goal of studying in a Private Career College is to specialize in a very specific area of education which is of high demand in the job market. Private Career Colleges focus on training the candidate by providing them with quality education ensuring that the Candidate is really the right fit as per the Industry Demand. Hence, the idea of studying in a Private Career College is always a great decision that you need to pursue.
If you are a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident and have low income, the Government of Alberta will provide you with the necessary financial support required to successfully complete your program. You need to contact the financial aid office and discuss with the officer in regards to the options available for you.
The main goal of the vocational education is to provide the student the necessary knowledge, skill sets and practicum that qualifies him for jobs that are of high demand in the market. With the help of the vocational education, the candidate will possess the necessary knowledge, education, skills and background that fit for the requirements of the position. Vocational Education always bridges the talent gap between the employer and the potential candidate. Hence, it is very important to consider the idea of pursuing a career in vocational education.
If you participate fully in all the components of the program – take practicum very seriously and work hard; you will have a good chance of getting a quality job upon graduation. Attend all the classes; participate in all the assignments and homework regularly; work on all the exercises – these factors play a huge role that can increase the opportunity of getting a good job after college.
A Private Vocational School focuses on providing specialized education and training for the students who are looking to achieve the necessary skills and education required for the requirements of the specific job opportunities. At QCT College, we support in providing quality vocational training education.

QCT College is a licensed Private Career College and is accredited by the Government of Alberta. All our programs are eligible for Student Aid. We are listed in the ALIS website.

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QCT College mainly focuses on Bridging the Talent Gap. We provide specialized quality education and training that help the students in achieving those skills that are of demand in the market.
When you decide to enroll at QCT College, we ensure that all our students have a very stable and secure future. upport in providing quality vocational training education.
Any student who is looking to have a stable and secure career can achieve success if they have the passion and desire to pursue high in their career goals.

At QCT College, we ensure that all our students achieve success through their hard work and determination.
Before choosing a major you love, it is very important that you must find passion in the work you choose. If the work you do fits with your passion, then it is easy to choose the major that you love.

Suppose you love technology, then digital marketing is an area that you should consider for your career.
College Education always has a great impact for your career. There are lots of advantages of pursuing a college education. You can get better paying jobs upon graduation. You can also learn to start your own home-based business or work for yourself by having the proper quality education.

Hence, it is very important that you should consider the idea of pursuing a College Education.
Attending a Career College is very important for your professional growth & development. A Career College like QCT will provide you with ample opportunities to build your future by providing the relevant education, knowledge & skills required for you to pursue a career based opportunity.

You learn to build your networks, team and also gain valuable education that will greatly build you a very promising future.
Choosing a career-based college these days is not easy. There are lots of challenges that the student will face when choosing a college. However, some of the most important that we need to consider when choosing a college include:

The quality of programs, Program Accreditation, the infrastructure, the instructions, inclusion of practicums, the class size, the method of delivery etc..

These are a few things to name. However, at QCT College- our college counsellor are there to ensure that your transition to the college is easy and stress free.
You will develop your networking skills, your communication skills and also learn to build your leadership qualities.

You will also gain solid knowledge and develop your skills on the program you have enrolled. You can also gain practicum experience with your courses. This will really help you in facing the Industry real-time and achieve those results that turn you into a successful person.
If you are a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident- you can qualify for the Student Funding Aid program.

Contact with the school’s financial aid counselor who can help in providing better guidance on this.
A certificate program lasts for about 3 months long. It is a condensed version of the Diploma program.

The certificate program however offers a limited scope compared to the Diploma program.