Our College Team

At QCT College, we are a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals. Our main motto is to “Bridge the Talent Gap”. We work hard with full faith and belief to ensure that all our students are successful. Each one of the members, work with full faith and passion to make the vision of QCT College to become a success. All our staff members possess strong professional background & industry experience.

Our Students are our Top Priority!

Board of Directors

Saqib Riaz Qureshi – President & CEO
Saima Shams – Vice President & Finance
Shivaram Swamy – Program Director
Dr. Amir Jamal -Community(Social) Development
Dr. Aly Elshabasy – Ph.D., P.Eng – Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Swamy Narayana – M.S., P.Eng., PMP

Our Instructors

Business Analysis & Digital Marketing – Shivaram Swamy
Cyber Security – Dr. Kashif Qureshi
Medical Office Assistant – Dr. Sidra, Dr. Ushana, Dr. Shazia
Accounting & Payroll – Eoin, Esmeralda
Legal Administration – Sunita Dave
Community Development – Jayce Sundberg,
Shiva Bahaeimoghadam