How to Get into Cyber Security in Canada

Are you considering starting your job or career as a cyber-security analyst in Canada? These queries may be growing in the reader’s mind. Would you like to know the average cyber security salary in this region? What education do you require to work in the cyber security department? If yes, you must look for complete data about this career path. You are in the right place.

This piece offers all the data about the careers in the cyber security field, the salary, and the jobs in cyber security in Canada. Here you will get the answer: Is cyber-security a respectable profession in Canada?

Is there a demand for cyber security in Canada?

All the government departments in Canada require cyber security. It’s been seen that Canada lacks much talent in cyber security. Thus, it will always be the best choice to opt for it as a job.

There’s been a significant upswing in cyber-security threats since the Corona pandemic. Many cybercrimes have been observed recently. It leads to institutes and companies taking action against them.

It is a continuous period of cyber threats. You may face hackers or cyber terrorists anywhere. They may try to intrude on your personal or professional data and take control of it. Even many banks get hacked, and the money is transferred spontaneously. Thus, such government and private institutes need to keep tight security. Thus, cyber security is a great help in such cases.

There is a crucial need for such experts. They would deal with these ongoing digital risks. However, you require a specialized or proper degree background to train yourself for this field. There are many courses, degrees, and diplomas available in Canada.

Is cyber security a good career in Canada?

Yes, it is an excellent field to choose in Canada. Cyber Security is progressing in many ways. All the bank details, business information, and other restricted data are available online. It increases the risk of such online threats to your system. Thus, this calls for increasing the security of your data.

Canada requires good and highly skilled cybersecurity professionals. They would deal with such risks that may harm your data. Otherwise, it could cause huge damage anytime soon.

It might be a decent decision if you desire a secure job in Canada. You can now enroll yourself in this degree. Many Canadian universities are offering these programs. Many good institutes conduct classes for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in cyber security. It is a highly admired field and has good career choices in Canada.

Here is a list of the top five cities with high demand for cyber security jobs.

  • Vancouver, British Columbia.
  •  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  •  Calgary, Alberta.
  •  Toronto, Ontario.
  •  Montreal, Quebec.


What qualifications do you need to do cyber security?

There is no strict qualification policy for a job in cyber security. However, having a bachelor’s degree in the following fields impacts your resume.

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Software Engineering
  • Cyber Security (IT) Diploma

QCT College is offering a cybersecurity diploma for 52 weeks. They will teach security basics. It also offers both social and technical aspects of IT.

How much is cyber security paid in Canada?

Canada is offering a good wage to experts in this field. They pay better than others. Many well-reputed firms offer a good amount of reliance on expertise. In the following region, cyber-security makes more sense.

  • Toronto
  •  Vancouver
  • Canada. 

Job opportunities are pretty good in these cities. You will get a handsome salary in the mentioned cities. However, here is some rough information about the leading firms in Canada that pay well.

  • WestJet Airlines pays around CAD 91,832 annually.
  • The Communications Security Establishment is giving their workers about CAD 82,323 annually.
  • The University of British Columbia offers about CAD 72,614 per year.

How to Get into Cyber Security in Canada

How much cyber security makes in Canada?

Cybersecurity makes up for quite a good deal. The starting salary may be slightly lower than what people say. Sometimes, it can be less than you expected. Though, there is a good boost with time.

The firms most likely pay about USD 47.02 per hour in Canada. It may vary a little. It usually depends on the region or part of the country you are living in. Furthermore, it still adds up to make a good amount. These organizations increase your pay with time and expertise, so never lose hope even if you start on low.

Here is the average salary a cyber-security expert gets in Canada.

  • An entry-level job in cyber security offers you around CAD 75,000 per year.
  • With time, you can get a raise at a medium level and reach about CAD 91,691 per year.
  • A professional may earn about CAD 135,325 per year.

Canada implements about a 27.0% tax on your salary. It seems like a huge amount if you are doing a regular job. However, the annual income is good for paying these taxes.

Thus, you can regularly pay off your taxes and still be left with a good average every year.

Is cyber security high paying in Canada?

The number of required jobs in this field is increasing yearly in Canada. You can look for open ranks at various firms and alliances. The demand for cyber security is improving with time. It would help if you hunted properly for various job positions. Thus, it is evident that cybersecurity is a high-paying job in this world region. 

You can apply for different jobs in this field. A competitive salary is generated yearly. It depends on the demand for such experts in various fields. It would help if you had the proper degree and expertise to avail yourself of such prospects.

Do cybersecurity jobs pay well?

A degree in cyber security may be tough and require a lot of hard work. However, it would be valuable in an end. A person proficient in cyber security gets a well-paying job. There’s a high chance that one may earn pretty handsome pay at the start of your career.

Do you know that security engineers, architects, hackers, and other positions in this field earn six figures annually? It is tagged as  the top-paying works.

The start may be a little less than expected. But an increment or promotion with time will lead you to earn a six-figure soon enough.

Thus, cyber security does pay you well. It is always a good option for a secure future here.

Cyber security Diploma in Canada

Are you confused about the educational background for this field? Are you not having a recent degree related to it? However, the answer is always pretty simple.

Many institutes offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Cyber Security. A few are also conducting a diploma in it. There is a chance that your previous degree is not related. However, a diploma from a reputed college or university is also an option. Do you like to enroll in cyber-security? If yes, you can consider a diploma.

QCT College in Canada

QCT College Canada has been serving the state for a decade. They are offering many diploma degrees, including one in cyber security. Their Calgary campus organizes a 54-week session in diploma. It will help you through various basics in IS, cyber forensics, cloud computing, and e-commerce.

The main aim of QCT College is to help different yet related degree holders to guide through this emerging subject. The qualified team will guide you through various key aspects. It usually includes:

  • Identifying cyber threats.
  • The main causes of such risks.
  • Different strategies against these cyber threats.
  • The elimination of such threats to keep data safe.

They realize that top organizations are paying well for cybersecurity experts. It is a good idea to start a diploma program along with degrees in this field. You can find a good college nearby for such courses. However, you can choose distant ones, which will be worth it in the end.


Cyber security is a basic need of every company or organization in Canada. Their firms’ sales, personal data, secret deals, and other assets on the digital platform are always at risk. They need to hire good analysts in cyber security to secure their future. Many institutes are conducting diplomas and proper degrees in cyber security now. It shows its importance. The hiring of such professionals is also increasing rapidly. 

Thus, cyber security has a very good and safe future. You can always step into a good position with this degree. So, are you seeing for a stable job option? If so, this is the right choice.

It will always be the right pick when beginning a new career.