Advantages of Taking Online Course for Working Mothers in the Midst of a Pandemic

March 13, 2020 Covid-19 was declared as pandemic. Schools had switched from traditional learning to online learning. Online learning is an educational syustem that allows teachers and students communicate over the internet. They don’t need to attend or visits the school clasrooms and they can learn at the comfort of their home . Online courses […]

Email Etiquette 101

MAKENZIE CURTIS Digital Marketer EMAIL ETIQUETTE Email Etiquette 101 Email has become a very common means of communication, there is an estimate growth to 333.2 billion emails per day by 2022. That is a lot of poorly typed words that give wrong impression and missed opportunities. Many of us just shoot out emails without a […]

Positive Reads for a Positive Attitude

MAKENZIE CURTIS Digital Marketer Positive Reads for a Positive Attitude We hear a lot about the advice to be positive, positive attitude, and positive mindset. Studies have shown that there is something to this. The ability to see things positively, to not hold grudges, to see the good with the bad is beneficial to your […]

Four Ways to Handle Stress

MAKENZIE CURTIS Digital Marketer Tasks getting to be a bit much? Tasks, requests, ambiguous obligations pouring down upon you like an avalanche. What can one person do? Ever feel like curling up in a corner rocking back and forth staring into the abyss repeating the same phrase “All work no play”? Do not fear, you […]