Fees & Financial Aid

Financial Advising

Struggling to pay for your Tuition?

QCT College offers numerous options that can help you with your tuition funding. We can provide options & assistance with:

01. Alberta Student Aid (government student loan) qualifications for credit & apprenticeship programs
06. Foundation Learning funding
05. General Funding Inquiries
02. Canada Apprentice Loans

03. Canada – Alberta Job Grant Inquiries

04. Information about other funding sources

Additional Funding Options

Student Line of Credit

Many financial institutions offer a student line of credit for those studying at a post-secondary education. For more, information, visit financial institution websites and search ‘student line of credit’.

Foundation Learning Program

Alberta Community and Social Services offer limited funding for eligible students enrolling in English Language Foundations and Academic Upgrading through the Foundation Learning Program.

Federal Government Registered Plans (RESP, RRSP)

Check whether any of your family members have set up a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) in your name or withdraw from your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) as part of a Lifelong Learning Plan.

Funding for Indigenous Students

Indigenous students have access to many sources of financial support. Please contact the Financial Aid office to get more details in regards to the funding.

Windmill Micro-Leading

Assists immigrants and refugees that have professional skills and knowledge from their country of origin but are facing barriers to employment in Canada in their field. They provide microloans of up to $10,000 to internationally trained immigrants so they can obtain their Canadian licensing or training they need to work in their field. For more information, please contact the Student Aid office.

Canadian Armed Forces Paid Education & Training

Find out how the Canadian Armed Forces will pay for your university or college tuition, reimburse members for educational opportunities and provide funding grants for projects related to defense and security policy challenges.

Veteran Affairs Canada Education & Training Benefit

Are you a Canadian Veteran looking to attend QCT College? Depending on your years of service, you could be eligible for up to $80,000 with the Veteran Affairs Canada Education and Training Benefit.

Student Awards outside at QCT

In addition to QCT Student Awards, there are several external awards, scholarships and bursaries offered by the government and private companies for which QCT College students may be eligible. Please contact the financial aid office for more information.

Additional Financial Resource Information

Living Cost in Calgary

The following links and websites below will provide you a rough estimate in regards to the living costs in Calgary.

  1. Numbeo
  2. Living in Canada
  3. Expatisan
  4. Calgary Economic Development
Ways to Create a Budget

Creating a Budget is very important for your living. The following are some of the websites that can help you create a budget.

  1. Money
  2. Mentors
  3. Momentum
  4. Credit Canada
How to Deal with Debt

The following are some of the websites that can help you deal with your Debt issues:

  1. Credit Canada
  2. Money Matters
  3. Momentum
  4. Credit Counselling Society
  5. Service Canada
  6. Office of the Superintendent Bankruptcy of Canada
  7. Managing your Money
Bills Management

Talking to your financial institution or service agencies when you are experiencing financial difficulties may be wise prior to having utilities shut-off or collection agencies contacted

  1. Electricity (Enmax): 403.310.2010 Telephone (Telus): 1.888.811.2323
  2. Cable TV (Shaw Cable): 1.888.472.2222
  3. Gas (Direct Energy): 1.866.420.3174
  4. Alberta Consumer and Corporate Affairs: 1.877.427.4088
  1. Child subsidy inquiries – Alberta Human Services: 403.297.6100
  2. General email inquiries: calgaryareacfsa@gov.ab.ca
  3. General childcare subsidy inquiries: hs.childcaresubsidy@gov.ab.ca
  4. Childcare lookup
  5. Childcare directory
  6. Calgary childcare providers
  7. Calgary dayhomes
  8. Alberta Family Childcare Association
Clothing | Household Management

Free or inexpensive clothing and household goods are available from:

  1. Salvation Army Thrift Stores
  2. The Thrift Shop
  3. Value Village Stores Ltd.
  4. Women in Need Thrift Store
  5. Walk In Closet (Free Interview Clothing)
  6. Community Garden: 403.260.2600 ext. 227
  7. Collective Kitchens: 403.275.0258

There are numerous job websites that you can look for part-time jobs as well as full time.

  1. Kijiji
  2. Glassdoor
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Job Bank
  5. Indeed

The following are the different sites that provide you more information about Healthcare:

  1. Urgent Care Services: 403.955.6200
  2. Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan
  3. Assured Income for Severely Handicapped: 403.297.8511
  4. Premium Subsidy Program: 310.0000/780.427.1432

The following are the links that can provide information about Housing:

  1. Southern Alberta Co-operative Housing Association: 403.233.0969
  2. City of Calgary Affordable Housing: 587.390.1200
  3. Landlord and Tenant Programs & Services
  4. Emergency Housing
  5. YWCA Emergency Shelter – 24-hour crisis line: 403.266.0707 |
  6. Shelter information line: 403.266.4111
  7. YWCA Crisis and transitional housing facility – Mary Dover house phone: 403.263.1550
  8. Calgary emergency women’s shelter – 24-hour family violence helpline: 403.234.7233
  9. Shelter administration: 403.290.1552
  10. Children’s cottage – Brenda’s house: 403.242.8575 ext. 0
Student Legal Assistance

Students seeking Legal Assistance can contact the following links below:

Calgary Legal Guidance: 403.234.9266

University of Calgary- Student Legal Assistance: 403.220.6637

Legal Aid Alberta: 403.297.2260 | 1.866.845.3425

Lawyer referral service: 403.228.1722