Advantages of Taking Online Course for Working Mothers in the Midst of a Pandemic

March 13, 2020 Covid-19 was declared as pandemic. Schools had switched from traditional learning to online learning. Online learning is an educational syustem that allows teachers and students communicate over the internet. They don’t need to attend or visits the school clasrooms and they can learn at the comfort of their home .

Online courses come in so many ways. Students have an endless amount of support and opportunity to learn new things. It offers many benefits for teachers and students, but as a working mother it opens a lot of opportunities. It gives the ability to work and study, flexibility- it works around the schedule , it gives the comfort of learning from home while taking care of kids, affordable tuition, ability to study at own your pace and it builds accountability and self-discipline.

Most mothers can’t afford to work and take care of their kids and enroll in the course that they wanted in order for them to develop and learn new things and upgrade their skills. But if you take online classes, you can study while working fulltime. After you get home , take rest, cook dinner for the family and take care of kids . Then you can prepare for your online lessons and then repeat the next day for your next class.

With your family responsibilities, social obligations, work and school load, you might feel overwhelmed for having over scheduled that you might end up exhausted and not enjoying life .

With the busy and hectic schedule, make a timetable for each activity in a day that you have to do. Organize and make a priority for each activity that you have everyday.

Time management and proper planning is the key to success in order to achieve our goal in life. Moreover, schools offering online learning allows students to schedule their learning at their own convenience. There are classes offered on weekdays and weekends for you to attend the course.

We can learn and learn new skills at the comfort of our home . Doing the daily grind of going to work, hard to handle co-worker, demanding bosses. meeting friends and family responsibilities are way too stressful and you end up not liking to leave the house . We all deserve to enjoy life and have fun r and our body need to recharged for the next day of activities as well . That is why online learning is the key to flexibility and self -care that allows us to enjoy life.

In an online environment, we can set our own pace. You don’t need to compete with other students, you don’t need to travel to reach your school. You have your own learning style and no pressure at all.

Enrolling in an Online Course can also help in personal development. There are times we procrastinate in doing our task and not achieving our goal in a given time. Taking an online course makes us accountable and able to develop our self-disciplene because of the benefits that we want to achieve and become successful in life.

Online Learning opens up a lot of opportunities in today’s new era of education to working mothers in the midst of pandemic. Flexibility of their schedule, accountability, self-discipline, working and learning at their convenience are just few advantages of taking an online course.

Would you like taking an Online Course? I encourage you to give it a try and see if that is for you. I have tried and enrolled in a course to learn new skills and about to finish my course in just feew more months. There is no harm in trying. If I fail, at least I have learned something.

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